Exotic landscapes, clear blue waters, and unique experiences on an island beyond the ordinary.

According to the readers of the leading American travel magazine Travel + Leisure, Milos meets all the requirements to be your next destination. The well-known magazine title voted Milos as the best island in the world for the year 2021.

The island of Aphrodite hosts exotic beaches that combine unique colors: Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Papafragas, Fyri, Plaka, Tsigrado. The white volcanic rocks filling with colors the sunset, the turquoise waters, and its special caves make the island a dreamy place.

That’s about all you need for the island to be yours to explore…

From the town of the island, Plaka, you will see the most impressive sunsets of the Aegean Sea and you will enjoy wonderful and really warm hospitality thanks to the inhabitants of the island.

Each island’s spot hides a small surprise for the travelers to discover. Historical treasures that you will explore by sea, the old mines, the archeological site on the road to Pollonia, and the great catacombs, which are the only ones to survive today in Greece.