Milos is an idyllic Cycladic destination that should not be missed.

The hospitality of the locals, the dreamy beaches, and the authentic gastronomy will impress you. Over the years, the volcanic soil has been sculpted by the strong winds and waves of the sea, creating distinctive, unique geology.


The most popular beach on the island is one of the most photographed attractions in Greece. The landscape is magnificent. White volcanic rocks, created by the forces of the wind, form small caves. In combination with the crystal waters, Sarakiniko is an unforgettable place for swimming.


Kleftiko is one of the most impressive beaches and tourist attractions on the island of Milos. This wonderful spot of rock formations can be reached only by sea and the experience is unique. Because of its unique geology, Kleftiko is also known as The Sea Meteora.


The combination of red and gold sand with the blue waters of the sea makes Provatas a must-visit attraction of the island. It is an ideal choice for families and children and is also organized with sunbeds. Around the beach, you will find several taverns and restaurants to enjoy traditional food.


Surrounded by beautiful rocks and caves, Tsigrado is a magnificent beach and one of the most popular on the island. Access to Tsigrado is a real challenge for adventurers. However, you can also reach the sandy beach by boat.